You guys- look at this awesome event our friend and volunteer Lee Anne has put together for us! Hope you can make it =)

You guys- look at this awesome event our friend and volunteer Lee Anne has put together for us! Hope you can make it

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Back in the swing!

Right about the time our Mayor placed in effect the Homeless feeding ordinance ¬†I chose to take maternity leave from Noah’s Kitchen. I was almost 8 months pregnant with my rainbow child, Connor, and working full time (during the week) on my feet was definitely taking a toll on me. I figured I was due a bit of restūüėČ I also hoped that the time would give me the opportunity to plan a workaround for the feeding ordinance as well.

There has been no overturn of the ordinance and it is still ILLEGAL to feed the homeless. BUT in order to enforce the ordinance there has to be a task force set in place and that still hasn’t been done. I’m not willing to risk fines for my volunteers so ¬†I have been handing out food, water, and toiletries myself. I’ve only done it twice Downtown and most of this year I’ve “expanded” our feedings to Montgomery county- mainly the Conroe Area. It’s been a slow year and even though our feedings and volunteers have been limited, we’re still out helping our less fortunate neighbor.

Back in April our friend Trey Sullivan once again invited us to be the beneficiary for their annual 1/2 Celso charity crawfish boil. Killer crawfish, beer, and family fun. Almost $5000 was raised and we’ve put it to good use since then!

NEXT month we’re having another fundraiser thrown by one of awesome volunteers, Lee Anne (and her Father Frankie) at The BFE Rock Club¬†on Sunday, October 13 from 2pm-10pm. Food and drink specials will be offered with the benefit tickets. There will be an auction and raffle. If anyone has anything they’d like to donate to the auction, it would help a lot. If not, donations of non-perishable food, toiletries, clothing and blankets is welcome for distribution to the homeless. There’s more information to come in near future!!!

If you’re interested in volunteering with me please email or call me. Also once a month Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless meetings are held in Conroe. If you’d like to join me in collaboration, everyone’s welcome!

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May and June

I know that a lot of people/groups have been working diligently on collecting signatures but yet we are still more than 20,000 short. We have been taking them out on handouts and sharing them via the web and email as well but we could really use the help getting registered voters to sign before the deadline. (So print, sign, and mail it in, friends!)

Over the last two months we have continued on with our normal “routine” and haven’t had a hitch or bother from any law enforcement. We were already complying with health preparation and sanitation rules and Amy and I took it one step further and received our charitable food safety managers certificate to show the City of Houston we’re STILL doing our part. Only seven people showed in total – possibly due to the fact it’s voluntary. I’m guessing someone brought a law passed to the Mayor’s/City’s attention so legally she couldn’t force anyone to comply (there hasn’t actually been a single case of¬†food-born¬†illness from charitable feeding reported in Houston, ever!) – just offer food safety education. Back in ’96 the Bill Emerson Act was passed to protect us and anyone wanting to donate food: ‚Äé”The law protects food donors. The federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996 protects businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals who donate food in good faith from civil or criminal liability should such donated food later cause harm to a recipient.”~ MCFB. Now, at the class Amy and I were told by both¬†representatives from the City of Houston and the City of Houston Health Department to continue feeding just as we do now, that no was was going to ticket or fine anyone or harass us in any way. ¬† The problem is, now, that this is quite conflicting with the actual ordinance you can read for yourself here. What is a cop going to do after July 1st, enforce the “law” or take our word for it that “those people” told us it was ok? Yeah, riiiiight. So, because of all this confusion both with what we have been told, read, and media fed, we are still at a loss. I can’t even imagine how all of this seems to those that aren’t directly involved. It’s hard for us to even explain. All I really know this¬†is affecting us in the worst way¬†possible. We have lost donors and are running on an empty bank account and straight out of my pocket and food/product donations from faithful volunteers. How can a non-profit operate on basically NOTHING? We had one large donation of $5,000 from the Saint Arnold Brewery back in January and a total of $25 since then. The last two years we have run (by the skin of¬†our¬†teeth) on roughly $13,000 to $15,000 each year and this year has been the most difficult.

As of now we have to step back from our routine and figure out how we are going to work around/with the feeding ordinance that goes in place next Sunday and how to raise funds so that we may continue to help those less fortunate in the Houston and surrounding areas. If you would like to DONATE it would be so greatly appreciated. If you have thoughts or ideas on writing grants and organizing fundraisers please email me at so we can start planning! We’ve had an awesome run the last 2 1/2 years and I know this FAR from over, right? =)

Thank you for all of your love and support!!!

The feeding ordinance has thrown up a LOT of confusion to everyone both observing and involved.

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