How the Ford Fiesta Movement ties in with Noah’s Kitchen

Noah’s Kitchen wants to thank everyone for all their care, love, and help as we move closer and closer to our goal of having the first vehicle in our service outreach fleet – a new Ford Fiesta courtesy of Mark & Amber’s participation in the Ford Fiesta Movement.
Recently, we noticed a lot of questions flying around and people not understanding what the Ford Fiesta Movement is, how it works, how we benefit, and so on.  So we figured we could take some time to clear the air since many people don’t understand the point of the events, how they work, and how Noah’s Kitchen benefits.  Every Houston participation logged into the Ford Fiesta Movement – whether through a Retweet, Text Message, attendance at an event – adds to our overall point total as a city.  If Houston wins, then Mark & Amber will be giving a Ford Fiesta Car to Noah’s Kitchen as its first fleet vehicle.

So for all those who have texted, thank you.  For those who did the Retweet when we needed you to, or did a Tweet with the #fiestamovement hashtag or hashtag as we needed you to, thank you.  For those who attended events and checked in on as instructed, thank you.  Each participatory act, whatever the request was, helped accumulate more points for Houston, thus bringing Noah’s Kitchen close to getting the car.

We are aware of the vast confusion on the brand identity of the event itself, and many people asked things such as “Wait, if this is Warehouse Live doing this with Mark & Amber, how exactly is Noah’s Kitchen tied in?  Where was your banner on the site?  How come we did not see Noah’s Kitchen on a benefitting statement?” – well, simply put, Ford Motor Company controls the Ford Fiesta Movement Site and since Mark & Amber are the ones working tirelessly to get this car for Noah’s Kitchen, it’s not possible on every engaged event to get everything out there saying “this is for Noah’s Kitchen.”  Likewise, Mark & Amber are the ones receiving the credit on the Ford Fiesta Site for their work in promoting Houston, and they are winning a car for Noah’s Kitchen.  We should note that of all the major metropolitan areas that participated in the Ford Fiesta Movement, only Houston is donating a car to charity, and that was the brainchild idea of Mark & Amber.  Which means we are the only city doing this for a cause in the Ford Fiesta Movement – pat yourselves on the back, folks, for not just being forward-thinking, but for showing the other cities the real definition of #SLGT.  We know that there is some promotion of the Ford Fiesta going on as a result, but at the end of the day, if we have to give a little hype for a fuel-efficient vehicle that could ultimately end up our first fleet vehicle, we think that’s a tiny price to pay to do such an enormous amount of good.

While we try hard to get the brand awareness out there, we realize that by simply doing a Google search on “fiesta movement” will take you to the Ford site and that you won’t see a statement from Ford saying on the Fiesta Movement site that a car is going to us.  That’s because the team members themselves have pledged to give a Ford Fiesta to us publicly.  So, yes, there is a one-degree of brand separation that has caused a lot of confusion.  Rest assured – helping the #fiestamovement in Houston helps us.  And when you help Noah’s Kitchen through the #fiestamovement, you are helping those in hunger find sustenance – and that should give you all the warm fuzzies you can handle!.

So, when you text when we plead, you are making a difference.  When you Retweet what Mark, Amber, or Noah’s Kitchen (or anyone) asks you to for the #fiestamovement, we thank you for your positive impact.  When you show your love for Houston with an avatar change, then you are spreading that love to those in need.  Thank you for everything you are doing in the #fiestamovement and helping to win Noah’s Kitchen a Ford Fiesta as its first fleet vehicle!

About Amber Rodriguez

Founder of Noah's Kitchen
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