Jenni’s Noodle House bringing back Celebrity Nights!

Jenni’s Noodle House Sponsors Noah’s Kitchen

Vietnamese Restaurant Provides a Celebrity Night to Feed the Homeless

HOUSTON – October 26, 2011 – On November 4, 2011, Jenni’s Noodle House – Heights (located at 602 East 20th Street) is allocating one night to provide much needed financial assistance to Noah’s Kitchen, a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding the local homeless and hungry in Houston. On November 4th, from 5-10p.m., Noah’s Kitchen “celebrities,” including founder Amber Rodriguez, will wait tables, accruing tips for their organization. Open to the public, this event represents the first in a series of rotating charity events that Jenni’s Noodle House will be participating in with local charities, providing much-needed revenue as well as event space to community partners.

For the past 10 years, Jenni’s Noodle House has been a proud supporter of both community events and national charity’s and is pleased to count Noah’s Kitchen under its rooster of affiliated charitable organizations. Aligned in both mission and purpose with the charitable organizations that they support, Jenni’s Noodle House aims to not only feed customer’s with healthy food, but consistently sponsor groups that have a direct impact on feeding or nurturing the community or population-at-large.

“Noah’s Kitchen is an organization that mirrors so many things we are passionate about, community relationships, grass roots charitable giving and of course, feeding people in need” said owner Jenni Tran-Weaver. “ Celebrity night is a great way to acknowledge the underappreciated stars at Noahs Kitchen. All tips will go directly to the organization as well as any other donations made by the Noodlehood!”

About Jenni’s Noodle House

Since 2002 Jenni’s Noodle House has shared its noodleisms and funky flavor with the greater Houston area. Owners Jenni and Scott Tran-Weaver should know – they’ve been serving up their yummy, fast and oh-so-tasty Vietnamese specialty dishes and singing Madonna songs every step of the way. For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook ( and Twitter ( 

About Amber Rodriguez

Founder of Noah's Kitchen
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