Looking Forward to 2012

This year has been absolutely wonderful to us. We have fed almost 10,000 – almost twice as many as last year. We have also grown as a volunteer “family” and almost every week we see new faces in addition to our seasoned “family”. We’ve had our struggles as any new charity/organization has and encounters in the beginning. Someone told me a while back the first five years for any non-profit are the hardest, and I believe it. I’ve had days where it felt like we were on top of our little world, days where it didn’t feel like it was worth the frustration and  time, and days where talking to one person, or one less fortunate soul would put my heart right back on track. And at the end of the day, it’s right where it was. And still is.

Noah’s Kitchen was founded in December 0f 2009 and we announced our Mission on January of 2010. This January will take us into our third year and I hope to make it more fun, more welcoming, and hopefully more impactful on both the streets and in our personal lives. Noah’s Kitchen will always stay small and do big things. Families, children, classrooms, and church teams are welcome as always and we look forward to working with other organizations too.

One big change coming up this year is we will be branching out into Montgomery County. I have been feeding and reaching out to people here, where I live, over the last few months hoping to learn what’s going on in  my  Community and how we can help.  Montgomery County has a huge need for what we do and I’m hoping by attending the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless meeting tonight, that it will help steer us in the right direction. Also, I think it opens up the doors for more volunteers that aren’t able to make it out to Houston. I’m pretty excited about this. =)

I’m working on getting the events and handouts set up both here on the website and on Facebook as well so stay tuned…  Just know our 1st handout of the year will be on January 8th at Jenni’s Noodle House in the Heights at 9an sharp.

We are looking for new team leaders with serious dedication to our mission and also will be looking for applicants for our board. If you are interested please email me and we can discuss requirements. Also, we are in serious need of a grant writer(s). 

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to another beautiful year of helping the less fortunate with you guys.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Amber and Noah

About Amber Rodriguez

Founder of Noah's Kitchen
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