We brought the new year in at our favorite place, Jenni’s Noodle House on the 8th. 10 brand new volunteers and over 500 hot/cold meals served. One of our newest volunteers Jeremy brought a great team out from his church and one of my derby sisters’ Heather joined us with her husband, boss, and her daughter as well.  A super huge thank you to Jenni and Scott for not only continuing to help us with a place to meet and prepare our meals but also setting out collection bins for their customers  to donate toiletries to us!

The 18th I attended the monthly meeting for the Coalition of the Homeless out here in Montgomery county and 19th the training for the PIT count (Point in Time). Both in Houston and Montgomery an annual census is done by volunteers and organizations to try and get an accurate count of the homeless community. This not only helps us get to know the Veterans, Men, Women, and Children that are living on the streets and makeshift “camps”  but also helps with getting grants and government funding to help the city, help them, with  changing their situation whatever it may be. Food, housing, job training, medical help…

The 22nd was quite touching, to say the least. We had both  seasoned volunteers and new volunteers including Chloe and her three daughters. (It’s not that I have become “used to/conditioned” to what we see but maybe in a way, I have.) When new people join us I like to get feedback on their thoughts and feelings and Chloe wanted to show her daughters what life was like for some, outside of their little “bubble”.  I watched the girls observe the homeless and even watch as we helped a young Mom out with diapers, food, and clothing for her three little girls. It could have been them, in a way. Chloe said it was quite an experience for them. For me that’s what it is about. To help the less fortunate and teach those around us, especially our children, how good we do have it and that we should be grateful for who we have in our lives and that we are so fortunate not to be in that situation ourselves. Statistics say the majority of families are 1-2 paychecks away from homelessness and I have watch the number rise from 12,500 in 2010 to 13,000 in 2011, and now 14,000 in 2012. These numbers are saddening but we’ll keep helping in any way we possibly can.

Now on a SUPER BADASS POSITIVE NOTE….  Saint Arnold Brewing Company chose us for the 2ND year in a row to be the beneficiary for their 5th annual One Pot Show Down. I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly wonderful it feels to be chosen not only once but twice.  Such an honor and we’re so incredibly GRATEFUL. Saint Arnold also invited us (Myself and volunteers Jonathan and Frances Parker) out to collect food donations and enjoy the festivities of the day and not only did they raise  $5320 for us but also packed the car from the back to the front to the top of the windows with food and toiletries that will take us out well into the year!!! The funds will help us expand our serving “menu” to include meats and fresh veggies (on occasion) and now make it possible to offer breakfast randomly throughout the year as well. Thank you again so much!  Please enjoy this awesome slideshow Frances and Jonathan put together for us =)

One Pot Show Down

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